Wednesday I

Anas A. Rahman
Eigenvalue densities of classical matrix ensembles

Harini Desiraju
Painlevé II tau-function as a Fredholm determinant

Alexander A. Minakov
Direct and inverse scattering for the Sturm-Liouville operator with unbounded potentials and initial value problem for the Korteweg-de Vries equation

Noela Müller
The replica symmetric phase of random constraint satisfacion problems

Mariia Platonova
On branching random walks on periodic lattices

Anna Gusakova
Distribution of Salem numbers and their eigenvalues of Jacobi  beta-ensemble

Renjiie Feng
Random matrices and our recent results

Ekaterina Shchetka
The integrated density of states for the almost Mathieu operator

Shi-Hao Li
Discrete Skew orthogonal polymonials related to discrete symplectic ensemble

D. Tieplova
On the behaviour of the singular values of empirical autocovariance matrices in the high-dimensional case

Wednesday II

Seong-Mi Seo
A scale of boundary conditions for the rendom normal matrix model

Sung-Soo Byun
The interface between Hermitian and normal eigenvalue ensembles

Ivan Parra
Local correlations of two-dimensional Coulomb gases on an ellipse

I. Afanasiev
On the correlation functions of the characteristic polynomials of non-Hermitian random matrices with independent entries

Juan Criado del Rey
Spherical ensemble with two charges

Adam Mielke
Bulk universality in Ginibre ensembles and quantum chaos

Slim Kammoun
Universality for random permutations

L.D. Molag
The local universality of Muttalib-Borodin ensembles

Giorgio Cipolloni
Edge universality for non-Hermitian random matrices